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TUWH4000 series

Wideband High Efficiency UHF TV Transmitters - PAL, NTSC, DVB-T/-H/-T2, ISDB-T/TB, ATSC


Brief Description

The new High Efficiency - Wideband TUWH4000 Series represents a step ahead in the technology of high power UHF air cooled transmitters. For the first time the Doherty technology becomes Wideband, meaning that it is applicable to the whole UHF band. Therefore, no modifications in the amplifiers are required when the operator needs to change the RF channel.

The TUWH4000 transmitters features a market-leading energy efficiency. They offer an efficiency up to 42%, providing broadcasters with a high economic benefit.

They are equipped with the most advanced technology in signal processing and the power amplifiers are based on LDMOS transistors - 50 volt. characterized by a high power density.

The customer oriented and extremely compact design provides full flexibility and multiple configurations per rack, saving a lot of space in the transmitter site. The rapid and easy stratup of the transmitter and the power of the Web Server ensures fast commissioning and easy operation. The different options for redundancy and optimal design of critical modules guarantee continuity of service throughout the life of the transmitter.

Key Facts

High energy efficiency over the whole UHF band to minimize consumption and OPEX. Values up to 38% for COFDM waveforms and 42% for ATSC.

Power amplifiers based on LDMOS-50 volt. technology with high power density.

Frequency change through exciter display, NO ADJUSTMENT in the amplifier need be made.

Outstanding compact design that allows to integrate several transmitters with Dual Drive or N+1 redundancy in a single cabinet.
Digital modulations: DVB-T/-H/-T2, ISDB-T/-TB, ATSC.
4K UHDTV transmission via DVB-T2.
Frequencies: from 470 MHz to 800 MHz.
Digital Adaptive Precorrection.
High redundancy to ensure maximum reliability.
N+1 redundancy ready.
Multiple options for local operation: through the display of the exciter, a Control Unit or Web Server (opt.).
Wide range of possibilities for remotemonitoring: dry contacts and SNMP / Web Server (opt.).


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