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TE8000V series

Low power Digital VHF Transmitters - DVB-T/H/T2, ATSC, ISDB-Tb


Brief Description

The TE8000V compact transmitter/retransmitter integrates the state-of-the-art technology fruit of the Egatel’s long proven expertise in TV transmission equipment, providing broadcasters with high-quality devices for the last two decades.

It can operate as a transmitter or retransmitterwith an output power up to 18 Wrms, managing several input interfaces depending on the mode of operation: ASI or TSoIP (transmitter) plus an RF input (retransmitter).

It features a top-class Digital Adaptive Precorrection system to automatically cancel the amplifier distorsion. As a result of a strong research in Human-Machine-Interfaces Egatel has developed a powerful WEB GUI to provide an easy and friendly way for local and remote control.

When rolling-out a DVB-T2 network, our customers can benefit from all the advanced techniques included in the standard that allow enhancing both the energy and spectrum efficiency, such us PAPR reduction or Multi-PLP and MISO transmission.

The TE8000V is able to work in SFN networks guarantying full compliance with timing constraints.

Key Facts

Multistandard: DVB-T/H/T2, ATSC, ISDB-Tb.

Fully compliant with advanced DVB-T2 features:
   - T2-Modulator Interface input (ASI/IP)
   - Single and multiple Physical Layer Pipe (PLP)
   - Multiple Input Single-Output (MISO) processing
   - PAPR reduction

Extremely compact: up to 18 Wrms in only 2U

TSoIP input to manage ASI streams through IP networks
Seamless switching between inputs
Linear and non-linear precorrection through Web GUI
Digital Adaptive Precorrection with superior performance
Friendly Web GUI providing ease of operation
Reception option that enables retransmitter operation
QoS measurement (optional)
Optional on-board GPS
SD card to save/load the whole exciter configuration
Remote control via Dry contacts, SNMP, Web GUI
Remote software update


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