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TE9000E5 Exciter

Exciters for Digital UHF Transmitters ISDB-T/TB, ATSC


Brief Description

The TE9000E5 exciter integrates the state-of-the-art technology fruit of the Egatel’s long proven expertise in TV transmission equipment, providing broadcasters with high-quality devices for the last two decades.

The exciter features a top-class Digital Adaptive Precorrection system to automatically cancel the amplifier stage distorsion of high power transmitters. As a result of a strong research in Human-Machine-Interfaces Egatel has developed a powerful WEB GUI to provide an easy and friendly way for local and remote control.

The TE9000E5 is able to work in SFN networks ensuring full compliance with timing constraints.

Key Facts

Fully compliant with ISDB-T/TB and ATSC features

TSoIP input to manage ASI streams through IP networks

Linear and non linear Digital Adaptive Precorrection with superior performance

Friendly Web GUI providing ease of operation
Optional on-board GPS
SD card to save/load the whole exciter configuration
Remote control via Dry contacts, SNMP, Web GUI
Remote software update


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