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TAE7000VHP series

High power Analog VHF Transmitters - Analog TV


Brief Description

The transmitters of TAE7000HP series broadcast the PAL signal in VHF III band (170 MHz 240 MHz). The transmitters provide an output power of 2KW and 4KW ensuring maximum quality and reliability. Each of the modules that make up the transmitter is easily removable and replaceable.

Key Facts

Plug-in modules system

Broadband amplifiers with solid state MOSFET technology

High performance and reliability power supplies

Dual internal turbine cooling with easy replacement during maintenance
Full access to connectors for measurements between modules
Continuous frequency tuning between 170 y 240MHz, without readjustments
Highly stability and high resolution local oscillators synthesized via PLL with DDS technology
Linear and non linear precorrection and save/load of precorrection curves
Exciter control through external PC
Set up of system parameters through display
Errors protection systems and complete set of alarm and function LEDs
Central control unit for monitoring major parameters of the transmitter and alarm detection, allowing dual drive and N+1 configurations
Log alarm system in the control unit
Remote control: RS232, parallel interface and SNMP (optional)


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