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RAE7000MP series

Medium power Analog UHF Transposers - Analog TV


Brief Description

Low power transposers of RAE7000MP series allow for a simple and affordable extension of analog TV coverage in the UHF band. They have a fully modular design and small size. The transposers of this series provide an output power of 500W ensuring maximum quality and reliability.

The transposers are fully programmable and can be quickly configured to different channels. Its high selectivity allows them to work smoothly in presence of adjacent channels and can be monitored remotely via potential-free contacts or through an SNMP agent.

Key Facts

Ready to use in DTV and ATV networks

Easy installation and compact design:
     - Exciter: 19", 1U
     - Amplifier: 19", 2U

Power amplifiers based on LDMOS technology characterized by high linearity

Multiple protection circuits: reflected power, over temperature...
Efficient cooling by high-performance fans
Continuous tuning of the input and output signals from 470 to 900MHz with no adjustments
RF/IF and IF/RF converters implemented with double conversion for high spectral purity
Linear and nonlinear precorrector integrated
High sensitivity and selectivity by means of dielectric and SAW filters
Synthesized oscillator with low phase noise and high resolution (1Hz) using PLL and DDS
High-stability internal reference, with the possibility of external synchronization (GPS)
Central control unit for monitoring major parameters of the transposer and alarm detection, allowing N+1 configurations
Local operation via the display of the exciter or through a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PC
Remote operation via potential-free contacts or SNMP (optional)


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